State of the Market

Market research + expert intelligence around an industry issue.

Develop thought leadership and drive leads with this market-facing research report. Comprehensive market research is coupled with analysis from a subject-matter expert around an industry hot-button issue. The resulting 25-30 page report dives deep into the heart of the topic to help readers understand the forces at play and gain intelligent insights for smart decision-making.

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Industry Insight

Market research around a specific industry issue.

Provide your target audience with research-backed data on hot-button issues. Industry Insight studies can measure top pain points, organizational impacts, and future outlooks on a specific topic. The results are presented in a 10-15 page report that provides readers with a clear understanding of the topic, and helps them benchmark their position on the topic relative to their peers.

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Content Kickstart

Research data to power your content marketing activities.

In today’s highly competitive content marketing space, average content is just not cutting it anymore. Users expect content that is objective, visual and high-value. Content Kickstart helps inform on the type of content that will be most effective with prospective customers, while also providing rich data to inject directly into your content marketing assets.

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Brand Perception

Helping you measure awareness & perception of your brand.

Your customers & prospects matter, and so do their opinions. Our in-depth market research will help you better understand the market perceptions around your brand, brand awareness & recall, purchase intent, and more. Providing valuable insight into the positioning of your brand among your competitors so you can take your marketing strategy to the next level.

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Social Intelligence

Analysis & benchmarking of social marketing activities.

Social Media marketing is a top marketing tactic and it’s getting increased marketing budget, but many marketers struggle to show return. Do you really know how your social media marketing is performing relative to your competitors? Do you know what content is most effective with your prospects? We leverage social listening technologies and research analysis to provide social marketers with competitive benchmarking and the valuable insight needed to be highly effective.

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Strategic Insight Research

Custom research to meet specific objectives.

Whether you need intelligence to help inform a business strategy, market feedback on product concepts, or deeper understanding prospects, we have you covered. With Informa Engage you have access to all the critical ingredients — deep research expertise, trusted brands, rich audience databases and design services to help bring data to life.

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Content Marketing


Inject your content into our trusted editorial communities.

IndustryVoice extends the reach of your educational content by placing it within a relevant category on an Informa brand site. Your content lives seamlessly next to our brand site’s credible editorial content in a manner that matches our website’s form and function.

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Content Channel

Align your brand around a focused industry topic.

Align your products and services with one of Informa’s established industry brands to generate awareness and position your company as a thought leader in your industry. Informa’s Content Channels give you an exclusive, competitor-free environment to surround your brand with a relevant topic of your choice. Your assets live on a dedicated landing page with our brand trusted editorial content.

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Engaging & educational content sent directly to your target audience.

Let Informa Engage create highly relevant content that engages our audiences through a beautifully designed newsletter. Keeping your target customer/market in mind, we deliver useful information that educates and informs in a co-branded, competitive-free environment and generates new business for your company.

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White Papers

Establish subject-matter expertise around key industry topics.

White Papers are a great way to provide solutions to industry problems, make recommendations for using emerging technologies or expand on research results. Informa-developed white papers help you establish subject-matter expertise and thought leadership. They are also effective at generating high-quality leads when paired with a lead generation program.

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Guide users through a topic in a deeply engaging way with a visually-stunning, interactive web experience.

Untether from boring, static formats and bring your content to life across all devices with a Storyscape. We combine high-quality content, compelling imagery and interactive elements to deliver an immersive user experience that allows visitors to explore and uncover valuable content based on their level of interest.

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Market Spotlight

Deep-dive site developed around a highly-focused industry topic.

Market Spotlights provide industry executives with comprehensive, insightful information on a single issue or trend. We eliminate surrounding visual noise with a clean, intuitive design, bring the topic to life with strong imagery, and focus on high-value content to engage and educate users.

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Content Engagement Center

Aggregate your content into a digital hub designed for deep engagement.

Package your valuable content marketing assets into a user-friendly digital hub where users can self-educate themselves.  Our multi-touch marketing campaign and single-sign-on approach help generate quality leads.  And, the always-on nurturing lets prospects choose the time and place in which they engage – leading users to spend more time binging on your content.

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Explainer Videos

Turn complex issues into easy-to-understand short videos.

Explainer Videos break down complex topics into simple and easy-to-digest short video segments. Typically 30-90 seconds, these videos are perfect content marketing assets that can be leveraged in a variety of ways. They’re especially effective for top-of-funnel prospects in discovery and consideration phases.

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Bring your message to life through visual design.

Infographics are one of the most popular forms of content on the web today, driving more traffic than most traditional content due to their highly visual and easy to digest format that helps users translate data into insights. Infographics draw a wider viewing audience into information that might otherwise be hidden in long-form content. They also encourage social sharing of your content.

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Interactive experiences that engages users and generates leads.

SnapSolutions are quick-hitting, interactive experiences that engage users and collect valuable data around your target topic. Often used to capture opinions, test knowledge, or offer an assessment related to a key pain point, users receive real-time results as they move through the experience. Think industry-specific gamification done right!

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Create highly desirable, rich content designed to engage and educate readers.

eBooks help solve problems, tackle industry topics or uncover opportunities for your prospects. Compared to white papers, ebooks are typically more visual in nature, have a more conversational tone and often tie related content pieces together into multiple chapters. When paired with an Informa Lead Generation program eBooks can be promoted all at once, or chapter-by-chapter.

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Custom Content Development

Content marketing assets that capture attention.

Leverage Informa’s content experts, creative talent and marketing savvy to add a powerful advantage to your content marketing campaigns. We have the experience and know-how to develop content assets that resonate with your target audience – you get unique, custom content that offers long-term marketing value.

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Direct Marketing

Data Services

Enhance your contact data with data append and hygiene services.

Data. It’s not just the latest buzzword. It’s a catalyst that can move a good marketing campaign to great. Informa Engage SmartReach empowers your marketing efforts with accurate, high-quality data that provides customer insights and behavioral characteristics for better performance.

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Email Services

Message directly to the inboxes of targeted decision makers.

Email remains one of the most effective methods for targeting and reaching potential customers with specific messaging. Leverage the power and scale of Informa’s audience database. Based on your objectives and goals, Informa Engage’s SmartReach team will set up and deploy targeted email campaigns that engage prospects you want to reach.

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List Rental Services

Select targets from 30 million engaged decision makers across Informa to build your campaign.

The key to any successful marketing initiative is reaching the right audience. List Rental from Informa Engage enables marketers, agencies and brokers to target, engage and activate campaigns targeted at B2B decision makers that rely on hundreds of Informa brands.

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Brand Site Advertising

Reach your target customers on the websites they trust.

Buyers connect with your brand at various stages of the buying cycle; so it’s vital to give them opportunities to engage with your brand across multiple channels and devices. Our on-site digital advertising solutions are a great way to increase brand awareness, improve brand recall, drive traffic to your websites and build relationships with potential customers as they research new product and solution purchases.

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Brand eNewsletter Advertising

Stay in front of your industry with consistency.

Staying top of mind with your target audience means engaging them across multiple channels. Advertising in Informa’s well-read brand newsletters places your message alongside valuable industry news, columns, best practices and more. Daily, weekly or monthly – your brand directly in the inboxes of professionals.

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In-Article Video Advertising

Video marketing embedded in the heart of editorial content.

Stand out from the noise and capture the audience’s attention with an immersive, visual & audio experience that is non-intrusive to users.  An ideal way to deliver video ads to a highly targeted audience.

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In-Feed Native Advertising

Drive prospects to your rich content. Simple. Smart. Effective.

You’ve made the investment to create high-value content. But, are you getting that content in front of the right prospects? In-Feed Native Ads do just that by placing a compelling headline, image and link back to your content seamlessly into a site’s content flow. Native ads can be placed on Informa websites, across the web or on social platforms. When placed across the web or on social, Informa’s first-party data powers your campaign to help target prospects with precision.

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Audience Extension

Extend your reach and stay in front of your most valuable prospects with audience-based targeting.

Audience Extension campaigns target the business decision makers in our database who match your target criteria. Utilizing thousands of sites across the web, your campaign is displayed multiple times, ONLY to those that fit your targeted profile. Audience Extension ensures your ads are viewed on the trusted sites your targets frequent; no wasting valuable marketing dollars on sites your prospects might not be visiting.

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Elevate your experts, generate qualified leads and maximize ROI.

Position your company as an industry expert and connect with prospects who are actively looking for education on a key topic, or solution to their challenge. Our webinars are a cost-effective way to create powerful, engaging content that generates a large number of leads and allows you to connect directly with prospects.

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Virtual Events

Engage prospects through your own customized digital event.

Virtual events bring targeted professionals into an interactive, online environment that provides education through webinars and other thought leadership content and the ability for attendees to interact with products, services or messages from you or your partners.

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Facebook Live

Your own micro event direct from the expo or conference floor.

Announcing big news? Want to share the latest product release? Leverage Facebook’s powerful platform to connect live with audiences. We make it easy for you to broadcast live for 5-10 minutes directly from the event floor. Our content team will help guide content discussion and moderate the event. We’ll use our database to help identify the right audience, and marketing expertise to promote attendees to your live broadcast. Our program management team handles the logistics, including production. Simple, turnkey, powerful.

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Lead Services

Lead Generation

Leverage our audience and trusted platforms to syndicate your content assets, and generate high-quality leads.

Our high-value audiences seek out information to research and evaluate multiple solutions, products, and services throughout the purchase process. Lead Generation programs syndicate your valuable thought leadership content across our brand channels to reach highly relevant audiences with interest in the content’s topic. Registration is required to view the content and you receive weekly reports with contact information for each lead.

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Content Lead Touch

Multi-touch strategy to nurture your high-quality leads.

We map three pieces of your thought leadership content to the needs of your prospects at key buying stages. A series of three emails is sent to 5,000 targeted contacts to generate and nurture their interest. You receive lead data for each user who views your content as well as overall campaign engagement metrics.

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Webinar Lead Touch

Further qualify and motivate your webinar registrants.

Gain greater return on your Webinar investment by engaging leads immediately after your event to maintain a conversation and move them toward a follow-up action. The program includes the development of an executive summary along with a series of three emails to registrants to encourage sharing, drive on-demand views, and expose users to related content.

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